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          Hello ladies my name is Tess, and my 1st book on the menu is ‘More Than a Woman’  It was written to help you to discover the natural power that you are blessed with, and that you are more the woman that you think you are. Hopefully it will help you to understand how men think, how to apply sensuality effectively in order to have your man eating out of your hands, and ultimately, to be at peace, happy, and content within.

Divorce is as much a reality as there are unfulfilled and unhappy marriages, and I realised that there was a great need to help the many struggling divorced women out there. And so I embarked on writing a 2nd book based on my own experiences entitled ‘30 Rules for the Divorced Women’ This book explores all the pitfalls as well as the euphoria, and how to deal with getting or being divorced without harbouring resentment, holding onto anger and guilt, and becoming bitter in the process.

The 3rd book is a fiction novel called ‘Pulsation’ which I wrote for fun. I wrote ten chapters but didn’t finish it. Please help me do this by adding your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. So go on, have some fun with me, and who knows, you could be rich and famous if it becomes a best seller!

Discover the power within, and become the woman you want to be!

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Please help me finish this fiction novel 

Read more, and add your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions in the comment box


Chapter 1

Chicago: June 1993

What a day! So many meetings, so much to do and so little time! When is this never ending roller coaster ride ever going to end?’ Jade thinks, as she sits back in the black suede Jefferson office chair that she had bought from the podgy little man downtown. 

She feels an immense sense of power as she recalls the affect she had on him. His hands nervously shook as he showed her the catalogue, trying to touch her hand each time he turned a page. His voice trembled as he tried desperately to convince her to buy the most expensive item. His small dark eyes never left her body. And as she bent down to examine a hand carved mahogany coffee table she rather fancied, she heard him suck in his breath, and smiling to herself, she wondered what he was thinking. 

Closing the file she’s been working on for the past two weeks, Jade reclines to an almost horizontal position, and thinks of.......

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Seminar -  For Married Women

Discover the Power Within
Choices and Decisions
Positive Mind - Positive Living
Laughter Heals All
Your Sexuality
Sensuality - The Secret
Understand How Men Think
Logic Versus Emotion
Finding Solutions Without The Fussing

Sexual Matters
Back To Basics


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Seminar - For Divorced Women

The Upsides and The  Downsides
Dungeons and Demons
Claim What’s Yours
Blame, Guilt and Anger
Effects on Children
Don’t Be Fooled
Hasty Choices & Decisions
New Relationships



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Discover The Power Within - And Become The Woman You Want To Be!

Seminars  - For Married  Women
Seminars -  For Divorced Women
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